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Examples for “slippy maps” with OpenLayers

A “slippy map” can be zoomed and dragged with the mouse. OpenLayers is a JavaScript library to put such a “Google Maps-like” dynamic map in a web page. It is open source and allows to display maps from any source.

  • The Rüdesheimer Platz in OpenStreetMap and Bing Maps (two simultaneously draggable “slippy maps”)
  • GPS-Track Spremberg-Senftenberg (gpx file) in OpenStreetMap and Bing Maps
  • Beekeepers in and around Berlin referenced in OpenStreetMap (OpenLayers “slippy map” with Overpass API overlay)

    Zoomable and draggable "Slippy Map" created with OpenLayers: OpenStreetMap (OSM) or Bing Maps as base layer. Locations of beekeepers extracted from the OSM database using the Overpass API are shown as blue circles. They are mapped with the tag "craft=beekeeper". Apiaries mapped with "landuse=apiary" (as proposed in the OSM wiki) appear as green circles. A click on a circle opens a pop-up with further information taken from the OSM database.

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